Weekly Photo Challenge: The Colors of Cameroon

Deciding on just one photo for this week’s Photo Challenge theme COLOR was a real challenge.

Deciding on just one COUNTRY was even harder!

Here is my second response to the challenge.

Enjoy the warm and vibrant colors of Cameroon!


The bright colors of a primary school in a town near Yaounde.

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Colors of Cameroon

    1. Thank you! It is such a gray, cold day here that I found myself going through my Cameroon photos on my lunchbreak. Now if only I could recapture the heat of Central Africa as well as the vibrant colors! Thanks for your comment.


    1. Thank you so much! It’s incredible, but these photos are real – the colors really, truly are this vibrant. So much richness and depth in Cameroon – this is only a tiny taste. Thanks very much for your comment!


    1. Thanks restlessjo! I don’t know anything about plants. I thought the one at the top of the arrangement is called a “Bird of Paradise”. I have never seen one as big as this, though. I love going to countries with warmer climates and seeing the little houseplants that we have in the US growing as gigantic bushes!


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  2. India and Nepal are definitely full of color! I can’t wait to check out your post. Things are not only drab here where I live in the US, but we got snow today. Last year at this time everything was green! Enjoy your spring flowers for me. Thanks much for your comment!


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