2 thoughts on “How to Raise Boys Not to Be Total Jerks

  1. On the one hand, a terrible moment, and yet another, amazing how you were able to turn it around and begin to gently explain to the boys how slippery the slope of misogyny is, beginning with so called “innocent jokes”. You have probably heard in the news, how in Canada our CBC media star (sic) Jion Gomeshi, has now been charged with sexual assault and aggravated battery. It has begun a mainstream dialogue about sexual violence against women… and you as a lawyer I’m sure know how the minority of rapes of rape are reported (through no fault of women), and only a tiny fraction are convicted….

    I’m about 1/2 way through the new book by Jimmy Carter: A Call to action; Women, Religion, Violence, and Power. You’ve probably read it, but if not, I’d highly recommend it.

    This post was actually heartening – to know that at times, boys do have women (and men) to help them navigate through the cultural quagmire of these confusing times. I remember when I was young, how difficult I found it to be as an adolescent boy…. how much harder it must be today!!! Thank you for this story of your experience Jennifer. By the way – sorry for your boys hockey injury.

    Best regards – Bruce


    1. Hi Bruce! Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I have been following the news from Canada. Ultimately, real change will only happen if we have mainstream dialogue about sexual violence. I haven’t read Carter’s new book but will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip! Best wishes, Jennifer


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